The Past under our Feet

What do a Roman floor tile, Devil’s toenails and a Waterworks Engineer have in common? 

They all feature in Grantham Museum’s new exhibition The Past Under Our Feet which opened on Thursday January 26th.

The exhibition, with graphics designed by Grantham College students, explores the evidence of the past which is literally ‘under our feet’ 

Ranging from archaeology to fossils, and from Roman times to World War 1, visitors can puzzle over what lies beneath well known buildings, find out about field walking, try our archaeological dig, and dress like the Romans did…

There’s also the chance to find out about Grantham Museum’s founder Henry Preston – Water Engineer and part time archaeologist – did you know that he found a 20 foot dinosaur near the site of the new relief road?

The exhibition will be open from Thursday to Saturday 10-4. Entry is free